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To establish any business in Saudi Arabia, the investor is required to obtain relevant government licenses.  The granting of new licenses to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the procedures for amendment requests of existing licenses are based on a fixed premise that Saudi Arabia is seeking to enable and attract significant investments that positively contribute to the nation’s economic growth and sustainable development, including the following:

All You Need To Know About The Issuance Of

Business Licenses In KSA

We provide quick and hassle-free licensing for both foreign companies and GCC businesses. Our local team of experts offers a wide range of services that includes both the company incorporation procedure and post-incorporation services so you can carry out business activities smoothly.

MISA License For

Foreign Investment

Foreign businesses or investors can lawfully operate and engage in commercial operations within the Kingdom with the help of an investment license issued by the Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia (formerly known as SAGIA). Our team experts assisting international investors through the procedure of acquiring a Saudi Arabian investment license from the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA).

We provide assistance with the application process, help in gathering the necessary documents, and continuous support with the licensing process.

MCI Licenses In

Saudi Arabia

MCI refers to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in Saudi Arabia, which is responsible for regulating and licensing GCC owned companies. This license is required for all businesses, whether they are owned by Saudis or foreigners, and it allows them to conduct commercial activities legally.

To obtain a Commercial Registration License, businesses are required to submit an application to the MCI, along with supporting documents such as a copy of the business owner’s ID, lease agreement for the business location, and other relevant documents depending on the type of business.

Our experts provide complete support for businesses seeking an MCI (Ministry of Commerce and Investment) license in Saudi Arabia and ensure that your application is handled quickly and successfully since they are knowledgeable about the rules and steps necessary to get an MCI license.

Services License

Services License

Service activity license comprises of the various activities including Constructions, Administrative Investment, Information Technology, Tourism, Training, Health, Insurance and Re-Insurance, Education, Advertising and Media, Logistic Services, Organizing Exhibitions, Catering and Food Services, Financial Services, Aviation and Handling Services in KSA.

Industrial License

Industrial License

We help to obtain all industrial licenses, such as heavy and light industries and transformative industries

Commercial License

Commercial License

Saudi Arabia has implemented measures to boost commerce and entice foreign participation in wholesale, retail trade, and e-commerce which includes granting commercial licenses to foreign entities with Saudi shareholders and offering 100% foreign commercial licenses for wholesale, retail trade, and e-commerce in the country.

License For Scientific & Technical Office

License For A Scientific And Technical Office

We assist foreign companies the in obtaining the license that have a Saudi agent distributing the company’s products in the Kingdom, and such companies that wish to open an office to provide scientific and technical services to agents, distributors and consumers of their products.


License For Transport

We provide support to international companies that wish to provide public land transport services. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides many areas for investment in public transport services, namely;

  • Service for issuing license to practice bus public transportation within cities
  • Service for issuing license to practice metro public transportation within cities
  • Service for issuing license to practice other transport.
Real Estate License

Real Estate License

We help foreign companies who want to work in property field in getting license for land and construction.

RHQ Office

Regional Headquarter (RHQ) License

We offer support to Multinational Groups wishing to establish their RHQ in the Kingdom as a unit duly established under the laws of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of supporting, managing, and providing strategic direction to its branches, subsidiaries and affiliates operating in MENA region.

Agriculture License

Agriculture License

We help establishments that wish to practice agricultural activities in Saudi Arabia.

Mining License

Mining License

We offer assistance to establishments that wish to practice mining activities in the Kingdom

Printing & publishing License

License Of Printing And Publishing

We help foreign companies that wish to conduct many activities in printing and publishing activities.

Audiovisual License

License For Audiovisual Media

We offer complete support to foreign companies that wish to conduct audio and visual activities in KSA.

Engineering License

Consulting License For Engineering Offices

We assist foreign companies that wish to provide the engineering consultation services inside the Kingdom with a 100% possession.

Enterprenure License

Entrepreneur License

We provide full assistance to business leaders who wish to establish emerging technical, innovative or distinguished companies capable of expansion and growth to provide a better and different product or service in the Saudi market and have supportive entities approved by the ministry of investment.

Engineering License

License For Serving Agents And Providing Workers Services

The foreign companies that wish to engage the activities of domestic labor placement services and temporary employment agency activities for home services in the Kingdom can get our support in the license procedure.

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