Our Services

Talent Management Solutions

As a premier provider of Workforce Management, we have established ourselves as the preferred recruitment partner for our esteemed clients in the Gulf and Europe region.

For over 20 years, Pangea has been steadfast in offering specialized Human Resources across a wide spectrum, including Engineering / Construction, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Finance, and more, spanning a significant portion of the Services industry.

Throughout our operational journey, we have maintained close collaboration with our esteemed clients, successfully providing a substantial workforce from Pakistan.

We are proud to match hundreds of candidates with interviews, helping our valued clients succeed in their recruitment campaigns. Pangea Worldwide is a trusted partner for international clients, delivering superior recruitment services. Consequently, the skilled professionals we recruit from Pakistan consistently outperform those from other agencies, showcasing higher efficiency and expertise.


Skill Development

We collaborate with couple of trade test centers within our network to align with our clients’ requirements. Upon conducting the necessary assessments, we can also issue trade test center certificates upon request.

Fostering a culture of excellence

Partner with us to transform your workforce into a dynamic and skilled powerhouse, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.