Schengen Visa From India

For Indians planning to travel to Europe in the Schengen Area, it’s important to know how to apply for a Schengen visa. This guide breaks down the steps, required documents, and important details to make the visa application from India easy and successful.

Documents Required:

Application Process

Select Embassy/Consulate: Identify the embassy, consulate, or visa processing center for your application.

Book an Appointment: Schedule an appointment well in advance.

Prepare and Submit Documents: Gather and submit all required documents at the appointed time.

Visa Interview (if required): Be prepared for questions about your trip.

Visa Processing Time: The process typically takes up to 15 days, so apply in advance.

Visa Fees

Where to Apply?

Most Schengen countries have embassies in major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Some may also accept applications through authorized centers. Pangea can guide you to the appropriate application centers, streamlining the process further.

Pangea streamlines Schengen visa processing for Indian passport holders, offering personalized guidance, document verification, and assistance with application submission and appointment scheduling. We also provide updates on application status and answers frequently asked questions, making the entire process smoother for clients planning their Schengen journey.


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How Can I Extend My Schengen Visa?

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